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Monday, 2 March 2015

Blog Tour: Wait For Me by TS McKinney & BJ Grinder + 4* review + giveaway

Title: Wait for Me
Author: TS McKinney & BJ Grinder
Genre: Dark Erotica


Susannah is a dominatrix and FBI agent. Jasper is a younger submissive who wants to surrender to her every desire. The dominant side of her wants him badly, but the age gap holds her back. Susannah’s first assignment introduces her to the sickening world of human trafficking. Jasper, a genius with computers, jumps at the chance to do anything that will allow him to spend time with Susannah. 

When Susannah is betrayed, Jasper is abducted. Will Susannah rescue Jasper before too much damage is done to his body...and soul? Will she get the chance to prove her love

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Andrea's Review

*ARC received in return for an honest review

Wow, what a book, I loved it! My emotions are all over the place.

Wait For Me is quite a dark read which delves into the world of human trafficking and there will be triggers for some people. It has rape, m/m scenes, BDSM, totrure, kidnapping, human trafficking but it also has a love story at the heart of it, the kind of love that is so strong it refuses to die and will overcome anything to survive.

Susannnah is a 25 year old FBI agent and a dominatrix, Jasper is her 18 year old neighbour who wants to submit to her fully and explore his submissive side with her. But Susannah is worried about the age difference and what others might say.

After being sent on her first assignment into the world of human trafficking, Susannah is betrayed. Jasper is abducted and Susannah realises her feelings for Jasper are much more than just wanting to dominate him. She blames herself for Jasper's capture and vows to find and rescue him.

Will she get to Jasper in time or will it be too late to save him?

My heart hurt so much for Jasper. For all he was only eighteen he proved he was a strong young man, both physically and mentally. He showed such an iron strong will during his capture and the things he was subjected to would've destroyed anyone else. His one and only thought through all of it was Susannah.

There were so many rich and wonderful characters in this story that I can't begin to discuss or I'll be here all day but the two evil villains Nicholas and Victor? Omigod I wanted to punch them in the throat so many times! They were sick, twisted and cruel, perfect for each other. 

I would love to see Malachi, a Dom who is one of Susannah's friends, get his own story. I feel there is so much more to be explored about his start in life.

Thankfully there were some light, funny and heart warming scenes to balance out the darkness of the plot, not to mention some hot, steamy scenes too. I won't say any more or I'll be giving away the plot.

Travis did make me laugh, at times, the way he bickered with his sister, Susannah and baited her. Anyone who has siblings can relate to this, no matter how old you are. I know I can. For all Travis came across as childish sometimes he did make sense when trying to get Susannah to come to terms with her feelings for Jasper. 

I was kept on the edge of my seat throughout most of the book, my heart in my mouth at times. I loved the nail biting tension, and the brilliant plot twists, one of which jumped up and smacked me right between the eyes. I definitely didn't see THAT coming!

This the first book I've read from TS McKinney and BJ Grinder but you can be sure it won't be the last, 
I can definitely recommend Wait For Me. I know this review doesn't do the book justice but trust me, for those of you who like a dark read, go 1-click now!

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About the Authors

BJ Grinder was born and raised in a small Tennessee town.  She is the single mother of four children, three dogs and three frogs.  She enjoys hiking, reading, and, of course, writing. With a life this busy, sometimes a girl needs to escape into the fantasy land offered by books.

TS McKinney lives in East Tennessee with her high school sweetheart/husband and all the countless dogs she picks up from deserted country roads.  Her professional career has been in business but her heart has always belonged to the fantasy world found in books.  Creating wicked worlds where one can meet the perfect hero - and then do anything to him that you want - has been a hobby that has brought her plenty of hours of fun and naughty entertainment.  When not working, reading, or writing, she loves to spend time with her family and forcing them (because they don't really have a choice) to allow her redecorate their houses...and listen to her naughty...sometimes sadistic stories.



  1. Hugs and kisses for the review and post!! Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you! And you're welcome, I loved it x