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The Cascadia Wolves - Lauren Dane

If it was possible I would give this book more than 5 stars! After being recommended by a good friend, I decided to give it a go and boy I wasn't disappointed. The first 3 pages had my jaw dropping and that was before I had even got to chapter one. The story had everything and more, romance, love, hotness, action, sadness and of course some mighty hunky werewolves! The book is a very easy flowing read and once you start it, yep you have to finish! The connection between Nina and Lex is powerful and for me makes the book even more than it already is. Thankfully we have more books to read and feed the hunger you will have for werewolves. 10 outta 10 (and alot more) from me.

"Nina, before you I never spent the night with women. I had sex and left. I didn't bring them here. They served a purpose and it was a body-to-body thing. You are everything. Body, soul, heart to my body, soul and heart. You're it. We're it."

Well...... Once again I was hooked from start to finish! Focusing on the relationship of Tracy, Gabe and Nick and the twist and turns that faced them. Tri-Mates was full of raunch, hotness and action! Plus we still got our little fixes of other members of the family, mention no names, oh ok, Lex And Cade Warden!!! We were taken through the complications and magic of the tri-mates tri-bond and the effects it had on everybody around them but well, the whole mafia situation kicks it up a notch. I for one cannot wait to continue this story....... Lauren Dane, thank you.

Wow, wow, wow! One of the short stories from Lauren Dane but fear not it was still packed full of hotness and romance. Focused on Layla and Sid and their relationship that was full on from the start, it had everything I needed and left me wanting more! It had many, what some of us call, fanning moments and don't get me started on the tri-bond moment, no spoilers I promise but jeez it was hot!! Lauren Dane is officially in my top 5 favourite authors and everybody should be reading her books!

This book series gets hotter and hotter and wow, I want so much more. This time we follow the relationship of Ben Stoner and Tegan Warden, we get to know what happened before they met and then lucky for us we get to follow after but boy, it keeps you on the edge of your seat! There's twists, turns and so much more that I cannot really put it into words and do this series justice. We also still get our fix of the hot Warden Clan and a certain Lex Warden. The thing I love most is that even though each book is mainly focused on one couple, you still get all the other couples you've meet along the way so the story is so much more. If I have to say it a thousand times.... Read Lauren Dane and trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Another hot and attention grabbing read from Lauren Dane! For me... Probably the more emotional book as you get to see a side of Cade Warden that wasn't present in the other four but don't worry it's still got all you need and more! We're introduced to Grace and you get to follow her and Cade's relationship as well as getting your other Warden Clan fix. We also get too learn more about the virus, which helps you understand more about what you may have read in the other Cascadia Wolves books. Definitely a series that is up there as one of my favourites.

Empowering.... That is the word I think, for me, describes Fated by Lauren Dane! We get to feel and go through everything with Megan and Shane. The roller coaster of emotions and the fight for them to make it. Megan is a strong and fierce character and something all of us women should dominate in our own personal lives. It was captivating to see the main male character, Shane, to be the person to have the fears and anxiety of everything that was going on and surrounding him. But for this book, that was a refreshing change. I loved finding out about Shane's family history, which helped explain the reasons and fears he had. Me personally, I will be grateful for all the little snippets that Lauren Dane gave us for the other members of The Warden Clan in Fated. It has been a pleasure finding out what they are doing, where they are in their lives and how much they have changed an adapted. Once again, Fated is a 5 star book that I will recommend to anybody and everybody.


Book One - Enforcer
Book Two - Tri - Mates
Book Three - Reluctant
Book Four - Wolf Unbound
Book Five - Standoff
Book Six - Fated
Book Seven - Unconditional (August 2013)

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