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The Remembrance Trilogy-Kahlen Aymes

Where do I start....

The relationship between Ryan and Julia was magical and you were carried along with them whilst reading this special love story. I enjoyed this book being written from both points of view, as it was special seeing how they both felt about each other. It's difficult to put into words how many emotions this book has put me through, all good I promise. I felt love, confusion, heartbreak, it had me in tears at the end and shouting at my Kindle in other parts. All these things are what I look for in a fantastic book. Kahlen Aymes is somebody, when she puts pen to paper, creates something magical and you can't but help fall in love with the characters and the story.

"You own me. I can never be with anyone else, I never want anyone else... I only want you for the rest of my life..."

"Yeah. In case you're in any doubt, I love you Julia with all my heart."

"You'll be resorting to ma thumb and her four daughters after that stupid-ass remark."

"If I searched a hundred years, I couldn't find the words to tell you how you make me feel.... Or how much I love you. Do you know that?"

I couldn't wait to start this story, especially after I had only just read The Future Of Our Past. I fell in love with Ryan and Julia all the more, if that was possible, I got totally swept away with them, following their story and relationship. Kahlen is such a talented and creative writer and brings out such emotions in me whilst I read Ryan and Julia's journey. Obviously from the ending of The Future Of Our Past, we know that Ryan and Julia have a bumpy ride ahead and we get to follow them through their ups, downs, highs and their lows. The one awesome thing about Don't Forget To Remember Me, it's not your normal love story in the sense that the characters get to live happily ever after, twenty four seven. You're made to feel that you maybe reading somebody's real life that they decided to put down into words. I cannot wait for book three, as I know that it will exceed my expectations. If there's one thing we need to do is spread the love for The Remembrance Trilogy.....

"Julia... Do you feel how much you own me?" I moaned against the soft skin of her neck, her pulse beating wildly against my lips. So sweet and alive. "But you're mine. You own me, but you've always been mine."

Book One - The Future Of Our Past
Book Two - Don't Forget to Remember Me
Book Three - A Love Like This


  1. I just love Ryan. This series is top of my list.

  2. This is my all time favorite trilogy! I just fell in love with Ryan and Julia. Kahlen Aymes is an amazing writer, you feel all the emotions while reading this book. Awesome read, MUST read! :)