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The Firefighters Of Station Five - Jo Davis

As you can see Trial By Fire has a cover that certainly catches your attention and gives you an idea of what to expect. This story proves, you never judge a book by its cover. Another email sent to me by Amazon, alerting me to The Firefighters Of Station Five Series. A look at the book description and I was swayed and straight away downloaded the first book to my Kindle, I will say now that you may as well download all five books as I am now the owner of the other four in the series. A few parts of the book that caught my attention, "Uh, I'd like you to go down on me until I come so hard I shrivel like plastic wrap?" and "Six and a half feet of gorgeous male perfection filled the entire entrance. A black t-shirt stretched over his buff pecs and taut abs, but the denim jacket hid too darned much from view. Her appreciated gaze slid down mile-long legs encased in soft jeans that hugged hard thighs and cupped the bulge of his sex like a glove." Have I swayed you yet? Are you reaching for the download button?

A little about the story, Howard Paxton, a Lieutenant at Station Five but we can call him Six-Pack, adopted at the age of four after suffering a horrendous child hood, rescues Katherine Frances, we'll get to know her as Kat. We then follow them on the journey of their relationship, the ups and downs. A spate of murders begin and they are associated with Howard and when you find out how, you will also sit there with your mouth open wide and having to pick your jaw off of the floor, I did. We meet, somewhat briefly, the rest of the Firefighters of Station Five and you get to follow up more with them the further you go along in the series. I'm looking forward to Sean's story, which was touched upon briefly in Trial By Fire and I had to take a moment as this is one part of the story that gave me a lump in my throat and pulled at my heart strings.

The book, for me, was written as if you where following a real life Firefighter family, through their everyday moments, rescues, how they're affected by situations and how they deal with it. As written in the story itself, "Sometimes, no matter how strong you thought you were, the damage takes you out of the game."

This book is an amazing read and I am so pleased that I took the time to have a look and then made the choice to download Trail By Fire. Jo Davis is certainly an author that I will be watching out for and certainly without a doubt wouldn't hesitate to download any of her books again.

"A fearless teacher who has no problem running into a burning house with a garden hose, afraid of snakes. Go figure."

"Georgie's an optimist. I'm a realist, like Bentley. I take my blows as they come, deal with them, move on. I think all that 'Adversity makes you stronger' stuff is what people say to comfort themselves when the going gets rough. Friends and family can stand by you, lend support. But in the end, your inner core of strength pulls you through, period."

Sean stirred, moaned, lost in his private hell. "Nooo, don't go..... Daddy's sorry....."

"Rule number one in the Girl Code: hairless legs and pits at all times, ladies. You never know when you might land in the hospital. Or be swept into the strong arms of a six-foot-six hunk of smouldering, sexy man."

"A mountain of a gentle man who risked his life on a daily basis, could cook, was an excellent lover, and loved his family and kids. What more could a girl want?"

"It's easy to remain alone when you aim low. No strings, easy sex. Then when she leaves, your heart doesn't take a beating in the process. I have a huge learning curve with a long-term deal.... The idea scares me a little."

"Okay. Call if you so much as hear a flea fart."

Zack fights fires and saves lives, yet his own thirst for life has run dry, until he comes to the rescue of the sharp-tongued exotic dancer named Corrine Shannon who soon has the normally shy hero burning out of control.

But just as they are consumed by flames of passion, they find themselves under fire from two relentless enemies with fifty million reasons to succeed. Can they withstand the heat while trying to save their own lives, or will their new found romance be extinguished  as fast as it began?

The second book of The Firefighters Of Station Five Series and the main focus is on Zack Knight, the FAO of Station Five and somebody going through a heck of alot and the only family he has to rely on are his fellow firefighters, when he lets them in. On his travels to work he rear ends Corrine Shannon, after his collision with Corrine, Zack finally makes it to work to be called out to a MVA and Corrine is once again brought into his life and world, the journey for them is one you defiantly think is written in the stars. Zack owes Joaquin Delacruz the better part of three quarter of a million dollars due to his father gambling but all is not as it seems and as you read Under Fire it all starts to unravel. Corrine has inherited fifty million dollars but won't touch it due to the fact that it belongs to her dead husband Alex, she up'd and left him due to reasons you read about. Her brother brought her a house in Sugarland but this house connects Zack and Corrine way more than you can imagine. What entails is a story of love, trust, emotions, shock and above all a couple who make it through all the odds thrown at them and they have alot thrown their way.

Once again I was unable to put this book down and it held my attention, as I thought it would. The characters draw you in and make you want the best for them. Jo's writing has a way of doing this to you. Even though each book is focused on two main characters, you still get your fill of the rest of the Firefighters from Station Five I'm already dreading finishing the Series, I for one don't want The Firefighters Of Station Five to ever end.

"Don't sweat it, fireboy. You can't afford me."

"In truth, she hadn't been able to take her eyes off the way his rain-splattered shirt clung to the hard muscles of his chest. Had feasted on the sight of his wet pants plastered to his long legs and tight, perfect rear end."

"Don't they stop at red lights where you're from, Forrest Gump?"

"No. A man like Zack was a hero everyday of his life. She'd been too blind to notice."

"Okay, um..... I once read Stephen King's IT. Worst mistake I ever made. Didn't sleep for a month."

"And, boy, were those boxers pink. Electric pink - with bright yellow happy faces all over them. One smiley, larger than the rest, graced the front escape hatch, a strategically placed tongue sticking from between its lips."

Julian Salvatore has earned his reputation as a ladies man, but chasing women is a way to out run a terrible secret. Then he meets defence attorney Grace McKenna, a beautiful ice-queen more then willing to give Julian her body, even if he can't seem to melt her heart.......

But when a series of murders rocks Nashville, Julian is targeted by the killer. As he comes face to face with demons, he and Grace must race to uncover the terrible truth, or become the next victims.

Julian Salvatore sprayed a steady stream of water at Station Five's ambulance, rinsing off the soapsuds and gyrating around the vehicle to 'Life in the Fast Lane' blaring from the radio just inside the bay.

"Jeez, man. You selling tickets?"

So, I'm hoping by now I have your attention or at least Julian Salvatore does? I have literally finished Hidden Fire and had to put my thoughts or what you could call ramblings down and where to begin.....

Having read the previous two books in The Firefighters Of Station Five, I without a doubt knew I was in for a treat but quite what awaited me, I didn't expect. We've met Julian and Grace previously but this was their story and the journey we get to follow. We knew that they had a brief moment at Howard's and Kat's barbecue, but quite what happened we were not sure of but this lies that question to rest. Julian is perceived as a ladies man and Grace is the ice-queen who has a life plan that doesn't involve settling down or love. A fire brings them into each others lives again but Grace has a man called Derek with her, who is somewhat of a blast from the past for Julian and not in a good way. We also meet Julian's best friend Carmelita and the sacrifice she makes is one of unconditional love and will bring a lump to your throat and tear to your eye.

"Because I squeeze the toothpaste in the middle, I snore, I won't trade in my Porsche for a minivan, and I'm always right." There were many more reasons, but those would suffice. "And I'd smother you in your sleep during a fit of premenstrual rage." "Prison would clash with your hair and nails." "So I guess we'll have to remain friends," she said happily. "With benefits." "Absolutely."

A near fatal accident later on and Julian and Grace's life change majorly and we are the lucky ones who get to follow that with them. But what we get is a ride of emotionally charged, jaw dropping and WTF moments and I did literally drop my Kindle at one point when all was revealed. The 'Collector' part of this story was mind blowing and not where you thought it would lead. Defiantly expect the unexpected.

We still get to catch up with the remaining Firefighters Of Station Five and a touching moment in the story would be the intervention of Sean Tanner.

Howard went last. "I miss you," he began simply, and let the quiet statement hang as the paper shook in his hands.

I must touch upon the most awesome moment in the book, for me, would be something that Howard and Kat tells us but I really think you need to find that out for yourself. Everybody does deserve their happy ending.

Hidden Fire sucks you in and you lose yourself in every moment, every twist and turn. You feel like you part of the Firefighters lives. I do ask myself, can this series get any better? And simply the answer is yes. Read for yourself, because I know you'll agree.

"She's garnish her Wheaties with the testicles of men who preyed on the weak. Figuratively speaking."

"And shit, as they say, flows straight downhill."

"Might as well just hand over your wallet now, son. Fighting the Estrogen Squad will do you no good."

"This is awesome. You can come over and work your magic on my frozen meat any time you want."

"Grace couldn't help but stare. Her brother-in-law was one prime chunk of real estate, no matter how you sliced it."

"You are one gorgeous man, Salvatore. Get on the bed and let me taste you."

"Here's to single guys, drinking, belching, and watching the damn game. With no women around to bitch about it."

To his fellow Firemen, Tommy Skyler, has it all. But the golden boy of Station Five hides a private pain. He was once a star quarter back until a family tragedy derailed his dream. Since then, his struggled with his choices, including his decision to become a Firefighter. His one ray of light shines in beautiful nurse Shea Ford. When a dangerous rescue lands Tommy in the ER, what better opportunity to win her over? But when a conspiracy culminates in deadly arson, Tommy realizes that a ruthless enemy is closing in, threatening to destroy the couples love and their lives.

As you read Line Of Fire, you're thrown right into the action with fires, arson attacks and even deaths. The Firefighters Of Station Five get called out to an emergency which results in a emergency dash to the ER for Tommy. Its because of this Tommy and Shea reunite.

"Tommy hit the bricks on his right side, pain exploding in his head and shoulder. The world spun crazily, but he held on to Russell. Who clung to him for dear life, screaming like a little girl."

We get to be part of a magical time for Zack and Cori but we follow the journey of Tommy and Shea, which you will with eagerness. Its at this special gathering that we meet Forrest, Shea's date and yes I can assure you all is not right with this man. Shea herself knows he's not right for her but events in her past are holding her back from being where she needs to be.

"Because he's boring and safe. No Spark whatsoever."

Tommy and Shea have a moment and you find yourself willing Shea to do what should be naturally right but something still holds her back, all will be revealed.

"You do that, baby. And when you figure out that stingy, pencil-pushin sack of shit can't give you what you need? Call me."

Learning about Tommy's past was heartbreaking and you will him to open up to Shea, which he does, the results are me, staring at my Kindle, not being able to make out the words through my tears. Tommy had a brother Donny and what happened to him has not only affected him but also his parents. The precious moment he has with his mother, is heart warming and a defining moment for him and helps him to begin to move on. What follows throughout the story are a string of events that Station Five are called out to and slowly Tommy starts to feel that something doesn't add up. He has a life changing moment which he struggles to deal with when called out to a fire, and what entails after for him is a journey that changes his life completely, your left with your heart in your throat and tears in your eyes. Not only life changing for him, Sean Tanner finally hits his wall, Howard, he's best friend is once again at his side. Throw in a elderly man called Joseph Hensley his grandson William and a very unnerving man called Jesse Rose and what you get is a story of OMG and NO moments, which finally tie up some loose ends that have been running through all the other books especially with Jesse Rose.

Jesse purred his greeting into the phone. "Did you ever ask yourself..... what if it wasn't an accident?"

This last line chilled me to the bone when I read it and has left me with no doubt in my mind that Ride The Fire will be a awesome, epic and attention grabbing read.

"Howard, I want you, Salvatore, and Skyler on the roof. Take the ropes and harnesses, and decide who gets to play Spiderman."

"Honey, I'd settle for someone fat and bald who'd mow the yard and fix the plumbing."

"Right. I have an apartment, a cat, and a half dead houseplant. I'm ready to rule the frickin world,"

"Firstly, I love you and Donny, always will. You know that. But you." A tear streaked down one porcelain cheek. "You were my shining star from the moment you drew your first breath and looked at me. You were such a mischievous scamp, always into everything, and I let you get away with it just to see you smile. It used to drive you brother crazy."

After he lost his wife and children to tragedy  Capt Sean Tanner drowned his pain with alcohol. Now, fresh from rehab  he wants to regain the trust of his team and begin again. The last thing he needs is to have feelings for beautiful Firefighter Eve Marshall. But even as they dare to explore their growing desire, Sean learns that his family may have actually been murdered. And that a shadow from his past has returned to finish off Sean and anyone he loves.

Breathtaking..... Ever read something and its still with you hours later and has you staring off  into the distance and reliving moments of the story? Ride The Fire does exactly that. By now we know the heart breaking accident that claimed Blair, Bobby and Mia, Sean's family but what we find out is somebody from Sean's past has more to do with this then Sean could ever imagine and is out for revenge.

"Cap! Cap, what's wrong? Talk to me!" Someone crouched beside him and a gloved hand grabbed his arm. "That car," he whispered. "That's my wife's car. My family....."

Fresh from rehab and learning to deal with each day, Sean returns to Station Five and the people that he can call his family.

"Hope, because as terrible as the tasks laid before him were, the miles left to travel, all these intimidating thoughts and emotions had one important thing in common, They were those of a sober man."

Eve Marshall is one of these lucky people and something has been building between them for months but working together, Sean's alcohol problem and life changing situation has stopped anything between them happening. But Eve has loved Sean from the moment they met and has trouble hiding it any longer, even the rest of the crew has started to pick up on things.

"He had me at 'I'm Sean Tanner and I'm your captain," she said with a sad smile. "From the second I stepped foot in Station Five, he was my hero. He was the Firefighter I aspired to be, had the courage of ten men. and he owned my heart the instant I saw him standing in the bay."

Sean has a hard road to travel and it was defiantly not going to be easy but with Eve at his side, he could take on anything. He had to deal with rescues that involved children and woman that reminded him of his family and it took all of his strength not to take a step back but instead move forward. Until the moment he receives the unmarked package along with the phone call that was touched upon in the previous book and also this one. Sean's world is suddenly turned upside down and somebody is out to get him. But who shocks me as much as it did Sean.

Meeting George Sparks and/or Jesse Rose or should that be reading about him, gave me the chills and put me on edge. That's what I love about Jo Davis's writing, she literally can make the book come alive.

"Beside my name? So my enemies will remember that if they touch me, I'll make them bleed."

We learn more about him and Sean and what happened in Desert Storm 1991. Jo gives us a trip down memory lane with snippets from the past, which helps put it all together. And boy George/Jesse doesn't forget anything and as long as he gets revenge he's happy to take as long as he needs. This brings Eve's mumma, Amelia Marshall, into the picture and this woman rocks. How into the picture, I'll let you find that out.

"Good. Because if I find out you are? I'll cut off your balls and use them as Christmas ornaments. We're clear?"

Taking part in the Firefighter charity auction was awesome and it lightened the mood and gave me a chuckle. Well Firefighters semi naked, why wouldn't it. I think more then anything it was their partners and how they felt, absolutely hilarious. Especially given they were happy to outbid anybody.

"Yep. Us in front of a bunch of squealing ladies, wearing nothing but our fire pants and red suspenders."
"Hold on. Us? There is no us in the equation," he said firmly. "Have fun living your Chippendale's fantasy."

"I said we've decided to wear red G-strings for the auction instead," Clay drawled, grinning. "Across the front they'll say 'Firemen have big hoses."

Reading Sean Tanners story, you get totally and utterly wrapped up in the moments, you cry with him, struggle with him, fight everyday to survive and learn to move forward with him and most of all you help him forgive himself. You will him to become the man that he should be, one that his children would be proud of and somebody that deserves the love of Eve Marshall.

"Man, it's great to have you back. Trying to keep these guys in line is like trying to herd baby ducklings."

"Everything is going to be okay, Sean, I believe in you."

"Christ, she looked so much like Mia."

"A person can never be too protective of their loved ones. Time is all too fleeting."

"Not that I'm complaining about the reception. I'm an attention slut like that."

"Fuck me hard," she rasped. "Need it hard and fast. Dirty."

Book One - Trial By Fire
Book Two - Under Fire
Book Three - Hidden Fire
Book Four - Line Of Fire
Book Five - Ride The Fire

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