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The Scanguards Vampires - Tina Folsom

This has to be one of the best Vampire Series that I have read and certainly grabs you from the get go. Delilah and Samson's relationship certainly has its ups and downs but like all good stories whats meant to be will be! I loved that we get to see both points of view and it wasn't just one sided, also the other characters that featured in the book added something different and I cannot wait to find out more about them the further I get along in the Series. Samson's Lovely Mortal was hot, intense, sad in a few places (only a few I promise) and full of twists and turns that keep you glued, which is why I warn you, if you pick this book up, you will have to finish it and go straight on to number 2! Oh heck save yourself time and just download them all at once.......

Another awesome read from the Scanguards Vampire Series and yet again once I started I had to finish the book. The main story of the book was about Amaury and his love interest Nina, you still get all the other characters throughout the book which is what I heart the most, you get the chance to follow up with them from previous books! Book 2 was definitely more action packed and kept your attention, but also emotional in parts, Amaury's past, that's all I need to say! You do feel sorry for Luther and cheer for Eddie at the end, well in a weird kinda way that will make sense to you once you've read Amaury's Hellion. One question..... why haven't you downloaded The Scanguards Vampires Series yet?

Where do I start..... Well firstly another awesome read from Tina Folsom but uh hum, two... TWO! I shall not give anything away, you'll want to find it out for yourselves and you'll be chatting to your friends about it afterwards. We follow the story of Gabriel (two) and Maya, this story definitely keeps your attention and they have plenty of twists and turns to deal with! It was nice to see a different but temporary insecure side to Gabriel a Scanguard Vampire. I will say it again in every review I do for The Scanguards Vampire Series, download them...... NOW!!!

I loved reading from a female point of view in the Scanguards Vampires Series. Yvette, she's strong, feisty and not a woman to be messed with and Haven is a bloody good match for her.... in more ways then one. The twists and turns in this book were awesome and a few jaw droppers along the way added to it and also, it did pull at the heart strings. We had a birth, family reunion, a marriage of the vampire kind and well one or two deaths! What more could you want in a book..... Without giving to much away, this book had that and more, WAY more. Two words...... Download NOW!

Where to start, what to write but to put it in a straight forward and easy sentence..... My favourite of the Scanguards Vampire Series and I was a little sad when it came to the end as I didn't want it to finish. My heart broke for Zane, my heart sighed for Zane, my heart cried for Zane, basically my heart went through every emotion for Zane. This booked pulled you in and took you along with everything and didn't miss a beat. I am eternally grateful for that. Portia and Zane were a perfect match and I enjoyed seeing the new side to both of them that they brought out in each other. It had suspense, shock, tears, love, joy, heart break and heart ache, there was absolutely nothing missing in this story for me..... nothing. Learning of Zane's past was..... beyond words and the way it was written was nothing like I've read before but it makes you never forget. I could go on forever, so to stop myself before I knacker my thumbs, simply....... download, fall in love with the characters, the story and then spread the Zane's Redemption love!

Book 6 of The Scanguards Vampire Series, you think it can't get any better then the previous books..... How wrong was I? We follow Quinn, Zane's friend from New York and also a member of The Scanguards, he's spent the last two hundred years not living how he wished as he was pushed away by his wife Rose when he revealed what had happened to him when he was injured in battle. Suddenly Quinns life, world and everything he thought was true changes and we get to follow everything with him and Rose! Oliver also has a change to deal with and that's going to be fun following his journey. We meet a few new people, Blake and Vera and I sense that's not the last we see of them. Thomas also has a shocker moment but I won't spoil it for you but please let him and Eddie get together.... This Series, hand on heart has to be the best Vampire Series out at the moment and I cannot wait for more!


Book One - Samson's Lovely Mortal
Book Two - Amaury Hellion
Book Three - Gabriel's Mate
Book Four - Zane's Redemption
Book Five - Quinn's Undying Rose
Book Six - Oliver's Hunger (Coming Soon)

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