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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Blog Tour: Uncensored Passion by Bobbi Cole Meyer + 4* review + excerpt

Title: Uncensored Passion
Author: Bobbi Cole Meyer
Release Date: May 1, 2014

Book one in the Men of Passion Series: A contemporary erotic series about the passions and devotion of five men to the one woman who loves them all...

Kayla Saradon is a beautiful, respected psychiatrist who her friends claim has discovered the fountain of youth. Kayla wonders what her friends would say if they knew her secret is the polyandry lifestyle she shares with her four, studly "husbands" — each skilled in his own sexual specialty?

Then PI, Trey Sean Cameron, who is secretly investigating her lifestyle, explodes into her life. The ex-Army Special Forces operative raises emotions Kayla can neither control nor contain. Can Trey — a demanding and possessive lover — ever share in her lifestyle? If not, how far will she go to keep him?

As always, she was met by her four “husbands” when she stepped inside. After kissing them all, she led the way into the living room and plopped down on the couch with a weary sigh.
They all could see she was mentally drained. In silent agreement, they decided to relieve her tension: Luke massaged the kinks out of her neck, Lee rubbed her feet, Harm brought her a glass of wine, and J.J. took her hand and sucked her fingers gently. He sat beside her to ask, “What can I do to erase the memories of the day, enamorada?”
“You’re doing it. All of you,” she said, flashing them all a tired smile as she took a long swallow of the wine. “I don’t know what I’d do without you—any of you.”
J.J. leaned to kiss her, before suggesting, “Why don’t we all relax in the Jacuzzi? Maybe that will wash away the lousy day.”
“Great idea,” Harm echoed.
“Dinner can wait,” Lee said. “It’s just leftover pot roast, anyway. Unless you’re hungry enough to eat right now.”
Kayla shook her head. “No, I’m not. The Jacuzzi sounds great.”
“Tell you what. Let us do everything tonight,” Luke suggested. “Undress you, position you in the Jacuzzi, give you a fresh glass of wine, then stand ready to offer whatever pleasure you desire to erase the day.”
“Sounds wonderful,” Kayla said laughing. “I’m all yours, guys.”
Luke disappeared through the patio doors to start the Jacuzzi while she allowed her other three “husbands” to undress her and then lead her to the inviting, bubbling, warm water.  
Kayla’s mind was reeling with the delicious feeling that she had the greatest life one woman could imagine as she settled in the Jacuzzi and watched her handsome partners disrobe, then join her in compatible silence.
As always, Kayla marveled at how comfortable they all were with her and each other, the way a perfect marriage should be, but seldom was. In fact, as far as she knew from her patients and past experience with her parents, hers was the only such marriage in existence.
Knowing it was Lee’s night, the others positioned themselves slightly apart, deferring to him the coveted place next to her. She leaned her head onto his broad shoulder before tilting her head up to receive his passionate kiss.
“Sorry that damned job takes such a toll on you, hon,” he said tenderly as he pulled away.
“Some days are harder to get through than others. Lately I seem to resent them all, however. I’m thinking I must need a vacation.”

Andrea's Review                                                           

*ARC received in return for an honest review

They say never judge a book by it's cover and, in this case, the same could be said about judging a book by it's title. When I read the title and then the short blurb for Uncensored Passion, I immediately thought, 'yep, that's the book for me - 1 woman + 4 'husbands' + 1 sexy Private Investigator = LOTS of hot, steamy no-holds barred sex, pure escapism.' I couldn't wait to get stuck into the lives of Kayla Saradon and her hot hunky men. How wrong could I be? Yes, there was the hot, hunky men and yes there was hot steamy scenes but there was so much more to this wonderfully touching story of unconventional love. I loved it!!

Uncensored Passion tells the story of Kayla Saradon, a successful psychiatrist who keeps her private life just that...private. To those at work she has perfected the image of a strong -minded woman who is dedicated to her job and doesn't leave room for a social life. No one has ever heard the mention of a boyfriend, let alone seen evidence of one. However, behind the locked gates, and doors, of her big mansion is a totally different life from the one she portrays to her work colleagues and patients. Kayla decided some years back that no one man would ever be able to satisfy her very high and passionate sexual appetite so she carefully set about choosing her four husbands~ Harm, Lee, Luke and J.J.  

And before you start screaming 'orgies!!' I'd better tell you now that each husband has their set night with Kayla, with the occasional threesome thrown in. (Some girls have all the luck!!) Kayla loves her men and they adore her, she has everything she needs from them. Her life is ticking along just fine until...she meets sexy Trey Cameron.

Boy, is he something else? Ex- Special Forces, need I say more?? It's evident from the beginning there's more than a spark between them (more like an electrical surge) and a passionate and steamy encounter with him threatens to come between Kayla and the love she has for her husbands. A chance remark makes Kayla realise that Trey would never share her with one man let alone four. they both hide a secret from each other - she, her polyandry lifestyle and he, being an undercover P.I. in the guise of a reporter interviewing her for an article in a lifestyle magazine.

I loved the each of Kayla's men as they were all so different, (and hot!) each loving Kayla in their own special way but I have a real soft spot for Harm. He always seemed to know what Kayla was thinking and feeling, whether she needed a shoulder to cry on, a massage to soothe away the day's problems or just to be held. Harm wasn't afraid to put her feelings and well-being before his own to ensure Kayla had the happiness and love she deserved. Does he sound too good to be true? Who cares, he's mine!! Oh, he made my heart, and so much more, melt and made me cry towards the end of the book.

This is the first book I've read by Bobbi Cole Meyer and it won't be the last, I'm adding her to my list of authors to stalk watch! I honestly don't know what to say about Uncensored Passion other than it's left me sighing and wanting more. I finished the book with a silly grin on my face and feeling warm & fuzzy all over. Bobbi, please hurry up and write the next book!! 

Uncensored Passion is a beautiful story of love that proves we can't always choose who we fall in love with and it will stay with me for a very long time. Definitely one of my favourite reads.

Andrea gives this a rating of...

Bobbi Cole Meyer is the pen name for Barbara Meyer, who relocated from her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career as a lyricist.
Over the years Barbara has had numerous songs she co-wrote cut by major artists such as Tom Jones, Loretta Lynn, Barbara Mandrell, Barbi Benton, Stella Parton, and several others. She also co-wrote the theme song for the Italian movie, Summer Affair, with well-known guitarist and composer, Bucky Barrett.
Now residing in Tennessee, with new hubby, Hank, Barbara is busy pursuing a second career, writing fiction, which she claims is her first love.

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