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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Blog Tour: Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren + 4.5* review

 Title: Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons #1)
Author: Christina Lauren
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date:May 13, 2014


One-night stands are supposed to be with someone convenient, or wickedly persuasive, or regrettable. They aren’t supposed to be with someone like him.

But after a crazy Vegas weekend celebrating her college graduation—and terrified of the future path she knows is a cop-out—Mia Holland makes the wildest decision of her life: follow Ansel Guillaume—her sweet, filthy fling—to France for the summer and just…play.

When feelings begin to develop behind the provocative roles they take on, and their temporary masquerade adventures begin to feel real, Mia will have to decide if she belongs in the life she left because it was all wrong, or in the strange new one that seems worlds away

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*ARC received in return for an honest review

Having not read the Beautiful Bastard series and always hearing rave reviews about it, when Sweet Filthy Boy came up to review I wasted no time putting my hand up and grabbing this one. I had to have a taster of one of these books to see what all the fuss was about!!

And oh my!! I need to buy myself a maid's outfit, get my partner some lessons in speaking French (he is already a filthy boy, so got that covered) and get ourselves over to France and start misbehaving NOW!! Reading this book just made me want to go buy the Beautiful Bastard series, close myself in my bedroom and refuse to come out until I finished them all. I could kick and shake myself, why have I never read any of the books before??  *puts hand over face & shakes head*

So enough beating myself up, back to the review:

Mia and her two bff's, Harlow & Lola, just graduated college. Mia has one weekend to let her hair down before she is off to business school in Boston, more on her father's orders than her of her own choice. Mia feels obligated to her father to follow through on this but she is at a crossroads in her life and is unsure what direction she wants to take it in. But this weekend is to do what she wants, so she takes the bull by the horns and just goes along with the ride.

This leads to one drunken night in Vegas. Add sweet sexy girl, meets sweet filthy boy who wake up being married the next morning!! Better still, Mia cannot remember the night before and the promises they both made to each other. All Mia has is a drunken hand written letter she wrote to herself, asking Ansel to give it to her the next morning when she sobers up, plus a ring on her finger. Then to add to her confusion Ansel gives her another path to her crossroads to consider.........

"You should come to Paris with me."
"Ha. Okay."
He studies me for a long beat.
"I'm serious."

Baise-moi. Plus fort. Yes this is what I would say too Ansel, if I ever met this Sweet Filthy Boy. Holy hell this boy just made the French language a whole lot hotter and filthier!! I want to shout Viva La Ansel  from the top of the Eiffel Tower (when I get there that is). It's hard to believe that while Ansel is so filthy between the sheets he is equally so sweet and had me holding on to my panties while melting in to a hot mess on the floor. Wow this boy is intense!!

Slowly, we catch our breath and his mouth finds his way to mine. He kisses me forever like this-and I let him-it's the only way I can tell him I love him even as I'm also saying goodbye.

To be honest, I got so deliciously lost in Ansel and Mia's passion for each other it was hard to come up for air sometimes. They consumed me to the last page, while enjoying their other rather creative sex roles they created!! (may have given me a few new ideas).

"Do you think you could ever, he starts after a few beats silence, his lips pulled up to one side in a smile, "like me" my chest squeezes at the earnest vulnerability in his expression. I nod, showing what feels like a bowling ball in my throat before saying, "I'm already in like with you"

I loved it!! Or should I say j'ai adore this book it is so beautifully written and had just the right balance of humour and hot, sometimes kinky, sex. There were many times I found Ansel just took it to a whole new level. I mean the French language is sexy, but Ansel talking in French just got a whole lot dirtier and filthier. The sweet side of Ansel was so endearing, he had me swooning and sighing and a few tears along the way. He tried so hard to please everyone, maybe leading too much with his heart, while needing to think with his head but that made me love him that much more.

“You just implied you’re banging me tonight.”
His grin gets bigger as his hands snake around my waist. “Play your cards right.”
“I forgot my cards.”
His smile wilts dramatically. “But I did bring my penis.”

 I definitely recommend this book to any one who wants a sweet, hot, filthy read. I really enjoyed Sweet Filthy Boy and I already cannot wait for the next book in the series, as I want more of Harlow and Finn's story but in the mean time I will be off downloading the BB series!!

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About the Authors

Lauren Billings (but everyone calls her Lo) has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and before she made writing her full-time job, would spend her days doing nerdy research-type things wearing a lab coat and goggles. She is silly Mommy to two littles, wife to one mountain biking homebrewing scientist, bestie to a shoe-stealer, and an unabashed lover of YA and romance.

Christina Hobbs (but you’ll always hear Lo call her PQ) used to spend her days in a junior high counseling office surrounded by teenagers. Married to the cutest boy in school, she has a thirteen year old daughter, is an unapologetic lover of boy bands and glitter, and also likes to steal Lo’s shoes.

You can follow their shenanigans at:
@lolashoes (Lauren) & @seeCwrite (Christina) on Twitter. On Tumblr! where we post kissing gifs and writerly stuff and Wattpad for short stories and sneak peeks!

For official information about their books, events, interviews, movie news and more, follow @beautifulbastrd.  

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