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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sweet Deception (Truth #1) Review

Three years ago, tragedy struck Cassie Wilson’s family and pushed her away from her hometown. Now, one phone call pulls her right back…

Cassie’s had more than her fair share of heartbreak and the last thing on her mind is finding love. But when she meets the charming, arrogant and drop-dead gorgeous Blake Richards, she has to decide whether she can open up her heart to him.
Blake has a bad rep with women but that doesn’t stop them lining up to spend the night with him. What he wants, he gets. And he wants Cassie.
The attraction is obvious, but Cassie soon realises he’s holding something back. When his past threatens to destroy his future, will he share his most guarded secret with her? A secret that connects them both, in ways neither could have imagined.


****4 Stars****

This debut novel by Grace Henderson is so worthy of 4 stars, as it is a short novel I read it in two days but could easily be read in one. I really enjoyed this story as you get POVs from the main characters and also from Blake's friend James, which is setting us up for his story Sweet Reflection due out late 2013. Now I personally love stories with the main characters own POV, I think it helps the reader to really connect and understand them, while also giving them more depth. This story did not disappoint and I found it a real page turner that took me on a roller-coaster of emotions.

The story starts off with Cassie who we soon find out lost her parents in a tragic car accident when she was younger, and moved away to try to heal her pain. Then one phone call finds herself returning to her home town, to look after her grandmother who has suffered a heart attack and to take care of her flower shop while she recovers. I love a strong leading lady and this is what you get with Cassie, even though she has had tragedy in her life, she still takes no crap from anyone.

Now I also love a strong, swoon worthy leading man!! Did I just hear a bell on a door ring ( in walks a Channing Tatum look alike) and I am also a sucker for a man with sexy dimples!!!  Blake Richards is oooh so very cocky, but just so damn sexy with it. Blake is also well known around town to sleep around and also, does not do relationships. This all changes the day he walks into Cassie's grandmother's flower shop, where he is immediately drawn and attracted to Cassie. Blake quickly realises that he is falling for Cassie and wants to change his ways to start a relationship with her.

This is when you start to find out Blake has a secret he is hiding and cannot seem to bring himself to tell Cassie, which starts to put a strain on their new relationship before it has a chance for them to move forward. Cassie is also warned off Blake by certain people in the town that seem to know more than Blake is prepared to share.

If you love to read a good love story which is emotional, sexy and, well written!! put Sweet Deception on your Goodreads list, and add Blake to your hot book boyfriend list NOW!!!!

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