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Saturday, 16 March 2013

No Ordinary Author

With the UK release of No Ordinary Love Story -the sequel to The Diary of a Submissive- due the end of  this month, we decided now was the perfect time to ask the author of the number one best-seller, Sophie Morgan, a few probing questions and she didn't disappoint us!

The Blurb 

Sophie Morgan bares all in her controversial sequel to Diary of a Submissive, No Ordinary Love Story.
Sophie Morgan is a submissive. An ordinary, successful young woman who, in private, surrenders her body and mind to a dominant man. Some of these relationships have been loving, others casual, one just cruel. But what happens when she meets the dominant man of her dreams? When they move in together? When life, love and play collide?
In Adam, Sophie has found a man to respect and cherish her, as well as a lover who'll take her to the very limits of pain and pleasure. But how do you decide whose cooking dinner when later one of you will be whipping the other?Can you be curled up together watching TV one night and the next indulging in a serious punishment session?
In this follow-up to the number-one bestseller, The Diary of a Submissive, Sophie tells us what she did next, how she struggled to combine an ordinary relationship with her sexual needs. It's a controversial, honest and erotic story of trying to find her kinkily romantic happy-ever-after. No Ordinary Love Story is Sophie Morgan's real-life Fifty Shades of Grey.

The Interview

Where and who, was your first encounter as a submissive and how old were you? How did you feel afterwards?
My first proper (or possibly improper) encounter was with a guy I dated casually at university, I was 19 or so. He spanked me with my hair brush and it was wonderful - surprising and oddly euphoric at the moment my brain went from "ow, this really hurts, more more than I expected it would" to "oooooooh that's really lovely" as the endorphin rush kicked in. I'd known D/s was something I liked the idea of from a lot younger (even going back to age ten or so I knew I was fascinated by people being tied up and held captive in books or on TV) but it wasn't a sexual thing until then.

What was the most extreme reaction, positive and negative, you've had from someone when you told them you were a submissive?
Most extreme positive reaction was being asked to write a book about it all (I really didn't expect THAT!). Most negative was someone I toyed with dating and was at that flirty "chatting to and about sex" stage - I mentioned I had slept with women and enjoyed D/s in the bedroom and his reaction bordered on disgust on both fronts. That was proof, if it felt like any were needed, that we were very ill suited!

What is your advice to someone wanting to try a submissive role?
Have a good chat with the person who is going to dominate you beforehand. If you're too embarrassed to do it in person do it by text or email. But make sure both you and they know what is on and off limits. Sort out a safeword and take things slowly. Trust me, if you're experimenting and it turns out this is something you DO like, you won't want to rush any of the discoveries. And whether it's for you or not, taking your time when doing something intense is definitely a good thing.

As a professional working woman and best-selling author what are you're favourite pastimes? 
I watch way too much TV. I don't have time to watch week by week, so I tend to buy a box set then devour it. I've just watched thirteen episodes of House of Cards in three nights (brilliant stuff!). Otherwise I love board games and comics and cooking. I find baking very therapeutic and at the moment am going through a phase of trying to bake different types of bread with varying degrees of success.

What type of books do you like to read and who is your favourite author?
I read lots of different things - I have a Kindle and Kindle software on my iPhone and iPad so I can pick up where I left off whenever I get a few spare minutes. I enjoy biographies, pop culture/sociology books, chick lit and smut.
Favourite authors (never trust anyone who can pin it down to one!) depending on my mood include Tamar Cohen, Tiffany Reisz, Sophie Kinsella and Jojo Moyes.

Can you tell us about any new projects you're working on?
The sequel to Diary of a Submissive, No Ordinary Love Story, is out in the UK on March 28. It follows on pretty much from the end of book one and is - in my opinion, at least - both ruder and more romantic than book one. I'm doing a fair amount promoting that at the moment, but otherwise I'm continuing my day job and pondering ideas for a third book. 

If you could invite anyone to dinner, past or present, who would it be?
John Lennon, and I'd invite my mum round for it too, she'd be very happy, as missing seeing The Beatles play live was one of the most disappointments of her teenage years. 

What is your one indulgence?
Ha, I don't have one indulgence, I have many!

Name 3 things nobody knows about you.
I don't know if there are many things people don't know about me - my life is mostly (literally) an open book!
But...I'm afraid of heights, my longest-held ambition is to do a lap round the Top Gear track and I have been known to lock my iPhone in a cupboard because of my Zookeeper addiction. 

We have no doubt Sophie has another best seller on her hands. If you haven't pre-ordered your copy yet, do it now...we have!! Ordinary Love Story

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