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Friday, 29 March 2013

A very happy Easter to you all!

What you all doing for the Easter holidays?
Whatever it is, we at MakeYourDayBookClub hope you have wonderful weekend.

We certainly will, as we're gonna be holed up with Easter eggs aplenty, gallons of coffee or maybe wine! and Tina Folsom's Oliver's Hunger,  the latest installment of the super hot and sexy Scanguards Vampires Series released this Sunday!!!

This is who Tina pictured when she was writing about Amaury in Amuary's Hellion  but with longer hair!
                         Cheyenne Jackson

What do you think? Hot??

Who do you see as your favourite sexy Scanguard vampire?
 If it was up to Simone, Ian Somerhalder would be the face of every one of them!!

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