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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Interview with a Vampire...Author

We, at MakeMyDayBooks, love a good hot, sexy read with equally hot, hunky alpha males who know how to treat a lady. And in the sexy Scanguards Vampires Series by Tina Folsom we have that and much more, check out our reviews on our Scanguards page on the right ---------------->
Like most of our Twitter friends we are huge fans of these sexy vampires and we've been waiting patiently (not!) to sink our teeth into the 7th book in the series…Oliver’s Hunger. So we thought we’d have a little chat with Tina, ahead of it’s release March 31, to find out her inspiration behind the awesome series.

Newly turned vampire and Scanguards bodyguard Oliver has trouble controlling his thirst for blood. Every night is a struggle against temptation, but when Asian beauty Ursula literally falls into his arms, he fears he will lose the battle over his inner demons and succumb to bloodlust.
Enslaved by vampires for her special blood, Ursula has just escaped her captors. She’s rescued by a handsome stranger, only to realize that he’s a vampire. He claims he wants to help her, but can she trust a vampire who’s not only lusting after her body, but also her blood?
Her promise to rescue her fellow blood whores compels her to join forces with Oliver and his colleagues at Scanguards. Will her choice lead to her salvation or her downfall?

Available for pre order now.

First things first, what or who inspired you to write the Scanguards Vampires Series?
Actually, I had the idea when I saw Tony Soprano (The Sopranos) go to the shrink. I figured if a mob boss could see a shrink, so could a vampire…that’s how the idea for my first Scanguards book was born. I had to give Samson (Samson’s Lovely Mortal) something interesting to do though, so I decided to make him the owner of a security/bodyguard company. I liked the idea of this contrast between saving human lives and being a vampire.
Who do you see playing the characters of your HOT Scanguards men?
Pretty much any tall, dark and handsome actor!
For Amaury (Amaury’s Hellion), I once saw an actor, Cheyenne Jackson, in a film. He had the most brilliant blue eyes I’d ever seen and his eyes were exactly how I imagined Amaury’s to be. Although, he did have short hair, but that’s not a problem, they can just make him a nice long mane!
There are lots of choices for the rest of the characters, I’m sure, but I so rarely go to the movies so I’m not as familiar with the latest hot actors!
Will there be any more books after Oliver’s Hunger?
Yes, absolutely!! I’m hoping to write Thomas and Eddie’s story. Cain will also get his book and then there are still other characters, Blake and Wesley for instance, and who knows…I might just bring other minor characters, from previous books, back.
Would you consider writing a spin off series of Scanguards?
There’s always the potential, particularly since Scanguards has offices in other cities too, but for now there are still plenty of characters I want to explore in this series.
At what age did you begin writing?
I was thirteen when I penned my first little mystery. But I stopped and didn't get back to writing for over twenty years.
And lastly, a question we always ask… who are your favourite authors?
I have too many to mention here: Lara Adrian and Kresley Cole for sure, many historical authors and also some indie authors, like Grace Callaway.
We’d like to thank Tina for taking time out of her very busy schedule to answer our questions, now we have a face to put to one of the Scanguards men, and what a hottie he is too, but who do YOU see as our hot vampires?

You can contact Tina
Scanguards Vampires by Tina Folsom - Book

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