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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Blog Tour: No Weddings Series by Kat Bastion with Stone Bastion + excerpt + giveaway

Welcome to our stop on The No Weddings Series by Kat Bastion with Stone Bastion.

Apart from an excerpt from the second book in the series,
One Funeral,  
there is a chance for you to win
$25.00 Gift Card a signed set of the series.

Scroll down to enter the awesome giveaway!!

No Weddings
Award-winning author Kat Bastion teams with her husband, Stone Bastion, in this first book in the No Weddings Series about Cade Michaelson, a successful man with his sights set on a new venture in business, and Hannah Martin, the woman who makes it personal.
I think I have my act together as a successful bar owner, my master’s degree within reach, and a list of no-strings-attached women warming my bed. Turns out, I don’t.
Hannah believes she has safeguarded her wounded heart by shunning men and focusing on her new baking business. The thing is, she hasn’t.
When my three sisters and I form an event-planning business with Hannah as our baker, I have no idea how my life is about to change. As Hannah and I work closely together, the attraction between us becomes irresistible. And complicated. I’ve promised my sisters I wouldn’t mix business with pleasure. But I’ve never been one to follow the rules.
One Funeral
Chosen by as their Fresh Pick for October 7, 2014

The stakes climb higher in this second book in the No Weddings Series for Hannah Martin, a woman restrained by her past, and Cade Michaelson, the man who could help set her free.

I’m drawn to Cade as he charms his way into more of my life and offers me something I truly haven’t ever had: a friend. Yet his humor, patience, and drop-dead sexiness take my breath away, and I know my heart is at risk. I want to move forward but am terrified I can’t.

Cade seems to have it together from his own devastating heartache. His subtle actions, however, suggest a different story. And even though he says he wants more, I wonder if he’s able to trust in our developing relationship.

As we navigate through our tangled feelings, we vow to take it slow. Yet no matter how careful we try to be, things between us intensify—and there’s nothing we can do, or want to do, to stop it.

But the biggest question remains: Is chemistry enough to move beyond the past and toward a future together?
Two Bar Mitzvahs
Summer heats up in this third book in the No Weddings Series, where Cade Michaelson strives to balance his and Hannah Martin’s new relationship with the growing demands of his financial success.
Waiting for Hannah has been the best and worst kind of torture. Now I can claim her as mine. We believe we’re done with the past and can move forward together.

Hannah grows stronger than ever as she trusts in me—trusts in us. And when obstacles appear, she shows a surprising fierceness that rivals my own.

However, all is not perfect in paradise. Things get chaotic while I try to juggle multiple businesses, an ex from hell, and a girlfriend I’d do anything to keep. And in the middle of the whirlwind, I recklessly think I can handle everything

But when all the madness is over, will I have everything I want—will I still have Hannah?
Three Christmases 
As the holiday season approaches in this fourth book in the No Weddings Series, Cade Michaelson strives to be better at balancing work and love, and Hannah Martin’s growing ability to trust is put to the test.
Lust and friendship brought us together, but with the increasing demands of my two businesses, Hannah’s thriving bakery, and our successful event-planning company, stability becomes my focus.
Then a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity takes me to the West Coast, and everything goes into a tailspin.
Laughter, love, and excitement fill our lives, but Cade refuses to settle into the wonderful bliss we’ve found—he wants spectacular fireworks and an unshakable foundation. Driven like no one I’ve ever met, Cade insists a dream job across the country will be better for our future together, but I worry about whether we can survive the present apart.
When intimate time diminishes…and lives get more hectic…
Will a little bit of faith be all that it takes? Or will the sacrifice to get there be too great?

For Valentine’s: Coming January 5th
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Cade comforts Hannah in the boathouse in ONE FUNERAL…

The sudden shift caused the scull to wobble furiously, and I lost my balance. “Shit!”
I fell forward, and the wooden edge of the boathouse dock flew toward my face. I threw my arms up, shielding my eyes as my body hit freezing water. Pain fired into my cheek and forearms while I clung to the edge of the boat slip, opposite of where we’d climbed in.
“Fuck. Hannah, are you okay?” Cade bent over me. His strong hands gripped my biceps, and he lifted me out of the water.
Shivering, I stood there, feeling like a complete moron. “I’m s-so sorry. I have n-no idea what I was th-thinking.” My teeth chattered. “Clearly, I w-wasn’t. At all.”
He touched my cheek, and I winced. His eyes narrowed. “Only a shallow cut, but it’s going to bruise. Anywhere else hurt?”
I held up my arms for his inspection. He nodded.
Then, before I could process what was happening, Cade had pulled my shirt over my head. I blinked as he tugged at the button of my jeans. “Wh-what are you d-d-doing?”
He glared at me. “You will freeze to death if you don’t get out of these clothes.”
I swallowed hard. “But…”
He arched a brow, his hands already sliding my soggy jeans over my hips. “I didn’t plan this, Maestro, but I’m warm and dry. You’re freezing and wet. Kick your shoes off.”
I did as he asked, and he gave no further explanation. Common sense slowly returned, and I understood the reason for his quick actions. But I now stood in front of him in nothing but…
We both glanced down between us as I stepped out of the soggy mess. Goose bumps were permanently branded on my flesh. Lots and lots of skin was exposed, and the only thing keeping me from being completely naked in front of a man for the first time in two years was a sheer, lilac lace bra and the matching scrap of a thong.
Cade sucked in a deep breath, furrowing his brow, raising his gaze to mine. “Damn.” The word was an awe-filled whisper.
Before I had time to react—to be embarrassed or gauge his reaction—he stripped his thin jacket off and wrapped it around me, shoving my hands into the armholes. Then he led me over to a bench and sat down, pulling me down onto his lap.
Seeking more of his incredible heat, I curled into him while he wrapped his arms around me, encasing me in warmth. Calming by infinitesimal degrees, I closed my eyes.
Minutes ticked by in an oddly soothing silence, the only cadence our slow deep breaths.
“You know, if you wanted to prove you could swim, open water would’ve been a better choice.”
I laughed softly, pressing my cheek harder against his chest. His heart pounded there, and I felt lucky to hear its rhythm. Him holding me close like this, with no agenda other than to comfort me, jarred something deep inside me.
All the great effort he put into slowly courting me touched my heart. The simple act of being embraced drew me closer toward this wonderful man who held himself back for my benefit.
I sighed, content to drink in the moment.
When my uncontrollable shaking finally stopped, I looked up into his concerned eyes. “So what now? My clothes are soaked.”
The corners of his lips twitched. “Well, I guess sex in a boathouse is out.”
I snorted. “You have me half naked already. Not going to try to go all the way?”
His gaze roved over my face, then dropped lower to my cleavage. “Hannah, I would love nothing more than to peel your underwear off and turn this into an incredible memory for you. But you freezing and wet is not how I’d imagined our first time going down. Well” —his eyes sparked with wickedness— “wet, yes. Very, very wet.” He touched a finger to the tip of my nose. “But definitely not during one of our business events.”
“How did you imagine it?”
He shook his head. “Not telling. I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise. But you already know another fantasy I have—kitchen islands, chocolate sauce, honey.”
I smirked.
His gaze held mine, eyes smoldering. “What are some of your fantasies of us?”
“How do you know I have any?”
He arched a brow.
A hot flush crept up my neck, heating my face. “Okay.” I took a deep breath. “Maybe I imagine us being in the shower, you holding me up, pressing into me as my back slides on the tiles.”

I felt a twitch beneath my ass. He was hard under me. His eyes were dark, and he sucked in a breath. On a hard swallow, he shifted his hold and scanned the room. “We need to get out of here before our first time ends up being in a boathouse.”

About the Authors
Shoe and Boot PhotoAward-winning and bestselling romance author Kat Bastion has teamed up with her husband Stone Bastion to create the new contemporary romance series No Weddings.
A few factoids about the writing team…
Kat enjoys her chocolate rich and dark, her music edgy and soul-filling, and her vacations exotic with toes dug into the sand. And she’s wildly, madly, deeply in love with Stone.
Stone likes pounding the trails on a mountain bike, vibrating the sound system with rock music, and down time spent on a stand up paddleboard. And he loves Kat wildly, madly, deeply…and then some.
Together, they’re having a blast bringing fun-filled romantic stories to life and hope you’ll join them in the exciting adventure.
Kat’s first published work, Utterly Loved, was a twentieth anniversary gift of love poems to Stone that they decided to share with the world to benefit charity. Net proceeds from Utterly Loved, and a portion of net proceeds from all their books, go toward charities involved in the fight against human trafficking.
Kat and Stone live amid the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Visit their blog at, website at, and their Twitter accounts at and for more information.
Keep informed about new releases by joining their Email Subscription list.

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