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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Blog Tour: Awakening To You...The Series by FiFi Flowers + 4* reviews + giveaway

Title: Awakening to You Series
Author: FiFi Flowers
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Sofie James is a successful set designer, trying to break into the male dominated production design realm and lacking any personal obligations she sees a clear path to success.
Drake Blaxton is a senior partner in an architectural firm who has always been focused and grounded in his career while completely noncommittal in his personal life.
A chance encounter at their favorite pond.
A fateful storm that could change everything.
What happens when Sofie and Drake's worlds collide into each other, awakening a thundering passion that neither were ever open to having?
This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adult readers only

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Awakening to You…In Boston 
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Awakening to You…In LA  
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Awakening to You  
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Andrea's Reviews
*ARCs received in return for an honest review

The Awakening To You series is three quick hot reads just perfect for a cold winter's night. It certainly turned the heat up for me! I loved following Sofie and Drake on their journey to follow their dreams and their heart. 

Awakening To Boston

I have read a few of Fifi Flowers' books before so I knew I would be in for a steamy, sexy read and boy, she didn't dissapoint.

Awakening To You... in Boston is the first part in The Awakening To You Series by Fifi Flowers and sets the scene perfectly for the next two books. 

Whilst working in Boston, Sofie would go to the park every day at the same time and sit on the same bench next to the frog pond. She soon notices a gorgeous, dark-haired man visits the same time as her every day. It's not long before her interest is piqued and she begins to look forward to seeing 'her sexy stranger' there each day, not for one minute thinking that he's noticed her but really hoping that he has. Then one afternoon, whilst at the park, a thunderstorm happens and throws the sexy stranger into Sofie's path and so begins a hot and passionate affair between Sofie and Drake.

Sofie knows their relationship can't last, it can only be a 'holiday romance' as Drake lives in Boston and she must return to her home in L.A. when her work is finished in 2 months. 
But she's beginning to develop deeper feelings for Drake than she ever thought possible in such a short space of time. Can she leave Boston, and Drake, when the time comes? Will she leave her heart behind too?

I really enjoyed this hot-as-hell quick read from Fifi Flowers. Just as I was getting into the story I'm left hanging!!  Fifi certainly knows how to tease her readers and leave them shouting for more. I'm off to jump into part 2!

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Awakening To L.A.

The second installment in this series continues where we left off with Sophie moving back home to LA and trying to settle into her new job. That shouldn't be a problem normally but Sofie is missing Drake and doesn't like the long distance relationship much. 

Drake is missing Sophie so he engineers a job in LA working with her on her new project. Everything seems to be going the couple's way, Their relationship is blossoming and their feelings for each other are growing stronger but a face from Drake's past returns to threaten their relationship. L.A. is just as hot as book #1 and has enough tension and suspense to keep you hooked until the cliff hanger ending. I'm diving straight into book 3 as I need to know how things pan out for this couple!

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Awakening To You

In the third and final installment of this hot and passionate series by Fifi Flowers we see Drake and Sofie trying to cope with the fallout from book 2. My heart went out to Sofie and Drake and I found myself shouting at my kindle a few times when it seemed like they were destined to be apart, due to someone's calculating spitefulness. I really don't want to say anymore for fear of spoiling the whole plot so just take it from me this is the perfect ending for this wonderful tale of love.

Awakening To You, just like book 2, is packed with tense and passionate emotion - perfect! 

I loved the way Sofie and Drake's story spanned over months and not weeks, making their story, and relationship, more believable.

Well done Fifi on a hot and passionate series. I was left with a soppy grin on my face and feeling warm and fuzzy all over.

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About the Author

While daydreaming of her time spent sipping cafe creme in the cafes of Paris, Fifi Flowers, an internationally known artist turn author from the Los Angeles area of California, writes romance novels and paints fantasies with a Parisian flair.


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