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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Cover Reveal: Warrior Mine: A Contemporary Military Romance Box Set

Warrior Mine-2

 Title: Warrior Mine 
 A Contemporary Military Box Set
Release Date: Veteran's Day November 11th! 
Cover by: Eden Crane Design 
Photography: CJC Photography

Meet six HOT alpha warriors and the women who tame them!

Box set includes six novels by six amazing authors.

Get ready to swoon over sexy SEALs, soldiers and marines!

Accidental SEAL by Sharon Hamilton
Christy Nelson embarks on her new career in Real Estate by holding her first open house. Entering the wrong house, by accident, she finds the nude sleeping body of a young man. 

Navy SEAL Kyle Lansdowne, on a mission to find his AWOL Team buddy, is staying at his buddy’s home while investigating the disappearance. When someone breaks in, he takes protective measures. He doesn’t expect to find that a beautiful young woman is responsible for his teammate’s abduction. 

What starts out as a meeting by accident becomes a hot affair neither one is ready for. Kyle is conflicted about getting Christy involved in his mission, but his hand is forced when he learns the same San Diego gang responsible for his teammate’s abduction has kidnapped her. 

Battling a cadre of dirty law enforcements hell-bent on getting military equipment, especially state-of-the-art firepower, Kyle is forced to admit that he would die to protect her.

Semper Mine by Lizzy Ford
“A freak accident landed both of the Khavalov twins under my command, just before a routine mission turned into a nightmare. I brought home one twin in a coffin and the other in a coma missing his leg. I did everything right – and still people died. I can’t forget that night or how many lives it changed, including mine.

It’s natural for their sister, Katya, to blame me. I made one decision in the middle of a firefight, and it shattered her sheltered world. I’m the ice to her fire, and when we first meet, it’s not pretty. I don’t fear war or death, and I am definitely not going to let a beautiful woman with a quick temper and broken heart scare me off, either. I know she’s hurting, and I’m determined to make sure she’s okay. It’s the least I can do for the twins.

I may have failed them that night, but I won’t fail her. What I’m not counting on: the feelings she ignites within me.” – Captain Sawyer Mathis

Shrapnel’s Kiss by Amy Rachiele
It’s love and war!
“If I don't tell the story now, no one else will be able to tell it for us. Some people believe in fate, that no matter where you are in the world your soul mate will find you, or you them. I have to believe that fate wouldn't be as cruel as it seems to me now.” ~Junie

In a war torn Afghanistan, Junie signs up for a Peace Corps assignment involving recently orphaned children. She wasn't expecting a lavish experience. She knew it would be primitive and dangerous but it turned out to be way more difficult than she could have imagined.

Captain Tyler Alexander, U.S. Army, Infantry: Mission first and mission ready is his motto, but he realizes it all has a deeper meaning when he meets Junie--a Flower-power Peace Corps volunteer. Can they have a relationship in the midst of terrorists and firefights?

Battle Within by Elizabeth Loraine
In high school Christine and Zachary were madly in love. Even though Christine’s parents adamantly disapproved of the young man from the wrong side of town, their love for one another transcended all that, at least for a while. It wasn’t long before Zack started to believe he was only holding her back and soon he started to pull away.

After joining the Marines he was stationed first in Iraq and then Afghanistan. They stayed in touch as often as they could. But Zack started to withdraw and soon he wouldn’t return her messages, her letters came back and she started a life on her own and so did he. She learned about Post Traumatic Stress, and decided to become a Physiatrist so she could help others even though Zack wouldn’t let her help him. 

When his mother’s illness brought him back to the small D.C. suburb where he grew up, they were unknowingly thrown together. Zach was desperately trying to find a way to heal from the experience of war; the scars on the inside that didn’t show, but were there none the less. 

Will he let Christine help him and reignite the passion they once had? Or is the love they felt in youth gone forever?

Armoured Love by Janie Storer

Sergeant Chris Franks is shipped off to Afghanistan on an active tour of duty. Whilst there he meets a higher ranking woman who seems to have a hold on him. 

Some unseen force brings them together, and in the midst of tragedy they find themselves facing the possibility that death is out to change their lives forever. Can they overcome all the obstacles to be together?

Fight to Win by Amanda Hough
Navy SEAL, Jaxson Avery followed the example of his father, Mike—he became an elite fighter for the United States military. And he let no one get in the way. Jaxson became the youngest SEAL to complete BUD/S SEAL training at age seventeen. By twenty, he was leading a team. By the time, he was thirty his squad had hunted, captured or killed some of the deadliest murderers in the world. 

Then his career abruptly ended when an embedded TV reporter exposed the identities of he and his SEAL team during a high-profile mission. One minute he was hunting down a militant tyrant in Eastern Europe and the next he was looking for a place to hide from an unwanted spotlight.

Talley Schneider walked away from her career as an award-winning journalist to care for her beloved stepfather, Derry Schneider. When he finally yielded to his illness, she was left with bittersweet memories, a lonely farmhouse and the Schneider family legacy—a small-town hardware store on the verge of being swallowed up by big business.

Now Talley is left without direction. Does she return to a successful career that has left her wary and disillusioned or does she remain in Burgundy to protect her adoptive family’s heritage?

Jaxson considers staying in Indiana an opportunity to, not only avoid the glare of camera flashes and scriptwriters itching to craft his story, but as the chance to right a wrong from years ago. Long ago, he met a beautiful, young girl who looked at him like a hero. Instead of listening to his heart and fighting for her, he chose to live life like his father. Let nothing or no one get in the way of success. Always fight to win.

Can Jaxson convince Talley that she is the one regret he refuses to carry anymore? And will he ever see that look in her eyes? Can he be her hero again?

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