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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Blog Tour: Indiscretion ~ Volume One by Elisabeth Grace + 4* review + excerpt + giveaway

We're so excited to be a part of the Blog Tour of INDISCRETION: VOLUME 1 by Elisabeth Grace! 

Make sure to get your hands on the first installment of this steamy serial!


Title: Indiscretion: Volume 1
Author: Elisabeth Grace
Release Date: August 4, 2014


F*ck and chuck. Pump and dump. Hit it and quit it. One night stand. Didn’t matter how I branded it—that’s all she had wanted it to be. That much was clear when she left me with my pants down and my dick still out.What she hadn’t counted on was fate intervening and our worlds colliding—again.
The day I showed back up in the life of Chloe Griffins, I knew I had to have her again. My body was hungry for another taste. Like an addict, I’d been craving another hit for months, and there she was—flesh and bone, tits and ass.
The fact that she worked for the competition should’ve been reason enough for me to leave her alone. I had a job to do that summer and f*cking Chloe wasn’t part of it. But I was like a man possessed.
I’d do whatever it took to have her again.

Indiscretion: Volume Two releases August 18th
Indiscretion: Volume Three releases September 1st
Indiscretion: Volume Four releases September 15th


Ninety minutes, one drink, and two shots later, I stood in front of the gilded bathroom mirror, mulling over my earlier conversation with Jackie.
It was hard to admit she was right, but I knew it wasn’t normal for a twenty-eight-year-old single female to put as much effort into avoiding a relationship as most others put into finding one. Even so, I wasn’t interested in opening up my heart to be hurt again. My father, my mother, and my ex—all gone. My sister would be added to that list soon.  All for different reasons, but gone just the same.
I had no illusions of a happily-ever-after for myself, but there was no denying that a little sexual satisfaction would be a welcome addition to my life. I’d never considered casual sex before, but I hadn’t thought I’d be alone at this age either.
I smoothed the material down on the front of my dress. Focus, Chloe. No more thoughts about sex.
But my mind kept wandering.
Maybe if the sex came with no strings attached…and with someone who looked like that guy I’d noticed earlier in the bar. Spending a night between the sheets with a guy like that certainly wouldn’t be a hardship.
Shit, I’d lasted all of five seconds not thinking about sex. I had the mind of a thirteen-year-old boy tonight. Had to be the booze talking—I sounded nothing like myself.
Whatever. It wasn’t like I had to make a decision on the spot. For tonight, I’d have fun at my bestie’s bachelorette party and see how I felt in the morning—after the effects of the alcohol wore off.
My arms were heavy as I fished a small comb out of my purse and ran it through my long blonde strands. Some hairspray would be good, but there was no sign of the usual assortment of beauty products on the expansive granite counter. Too bad, especially since there hadn’t been enough room to fit any in the microscopic cocktail bag I was carrying. 
I returned the comb to my purse and straightened the pale yellow dress Jackie had talked me into wearing. Apparently hems that reached only mid-thigh were for streetwalkers and the trendy alike. As satisfied as I was going to get, I headed toward the bathroom door to re-join the girls. My legs felt leaden, like I’d spent hours in a hot tub, as my stilettos clicked on the marble floor.
With my hand on the door, I glanced back to make sure I hadn’t left anything on the counter when I noticed…urinals?
What. The. Hell.
Shit. Say it isn’t so. No, no. I did not go into the men’s room. No freaking way. But with one more panicked glance, I realized I most definitely didDefinitely blaming this one on the booze. Either that or the artsy signage outside the door that left anyone guessing as to whether the figure resembled a man or a woman.
Turning quickly to make my escape, I whirled around and took a step forward, only to run straight into the opening bathroom door. Pain exploded in my nose and tears immediately pricked my eyes. Someone was entering the bathroom and pushing in the door.
Stunned, I took a step backward and shook my head. Warm hands settled on my upper arms and steadied me. I looked up and was speechless. The hands belonged to the man with the memorable blue eyes I’d spotted earlier. Of course, why go for slight mortification when you could really out-do yourself?
Sex on legs—that was my only coherent thought at that moment. And I was pretty sure from the grin on his face and the seduction in his eyes that I’d made his hit list.

Andrea's Review

*ARC received in return for an honest review

This is the first installment in the Indiscretion series by Elisabeth Grace. 

What started off as a one-night stand between Chloe Griffins and Max 'sex-on-legs' Richfield soon develops into something more when their paths unexpectedly cross again, a couple of months later.

Max can't believe his eyes when he, unknowingly, walks into Chloe's place of work and sees see her there. He's thought of nothing else but her, and the way she left him with his trousers down, literally. Not used to women bailing out on him, as he's the one that usually bails first, Max wastes no time in pursuing Chloe. 

Chloe proves to be a challenge and is so different to his other conquests, who are mainly just after his money and the doors his name can open, as she is only interested in a no-strings fling. Which is perfect for Max as he wants the same thing, right?

Volume One sets the scene and pace nicely for what promises to be one sizzling and steamy series. The passion and chemistry that built up quickly between Max and Chloe was HOT and you just know it's gonna get whole lot hotter. I loved the banter between the couple, the way Max would do, or say, anything to wind up Chloe just to see her blush. Chloe dubbed Max as 'Sex-On-Legs' and oh boy, he certainly got me going! *sighs & swoons* Just when I'm getting into the story, BOOM, it ends and what a way to leave us hanging. I can't wait to read the next installment!! 

Indiscretion may be the first Elisabeth Grace book I've read but, apart from the rest of the series, it won't be the last. I'm adding her to my list of authors to stalk!

A very quick, easy and enjoyable read, go 1-click today!

Andrea gives this a rating of...

Celebrate the release of Indiscretion: Volume 1!

Join Elisabeth Grace and other authors, readers, and bloggers tonight, August 4th, from 5pm to 11pm EST to celebrate the release of INDISCRETION: VOLUME 1! 
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