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Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Time Until Blog Tour with 5* star review & giveaway

Title: The Time Until
Author: Casey Ford
Release Date: November 12, 2013


Alan Green and Samantha Cohn have known each other for as long as both can remember. They have a special relationship that has grown far beyond mere friendship.

Inseparable, Al and Sam have spent their lives with one another—from childhood secrets, through awkward teenage years, to finding themselves as adults—it’s always been the two of them together.

When unexpected tragedy hits, and Sam is left fighting for her life, Alan can only watch and wait. Left alone without his best friend, Alan spends his time reliving his past, ensnared in the memories of the chaotic relationship with the girl that stole his heart.

How would you spend the time until?

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My Review 
* ARC received in return for an honest review

Once in a while a book comes along and, no matter how hard you try, there really are no words to describe how you feel about it except to say," it's beyond words". I can only remember using that phrase TWICE since I embarked on my reading frenzy 18 months ago and now I'm about to use them again. 

The Time Until is, quite simply put, BEYOND WORDS. I honestly can't describe how moving & touching the story of Alan & Sam is, without spoilers anyway. My emotions have been put through the wringer, I've cried tears of happiness and sadness, sighed at the heart melting scenes and shouted in shock and frustration when events took turns I didn't like and LOVED every minute of it! 

As I was reading I imagined it being played out on the big screen. Imagine my surprise when I find out the story originally started life as a short screen play!

The Time Until is told from Alan's POV between present day and flashbacks to the couple's childhood, spanning 15 years from the day they first met at kindergarten, aged 5. From that first day, Sam laid claim to Al telling him "My name's Sam and from now on you're mine."  
I loved Sam and her no-nonsense approach to life from such an early age and I totally adored Al with his sweet and endearing romantic gestures.

I've hit the delete button so many times trying to come up with a review that's fitting and will do justice to Casey Ford's truly wonderfully sweet and moving tale of true love shining through even the darkest and tragic of times.

Nothing I write seems to be enough to express how I feel about this book so I'm just going to shut up and say PLEASE read it, I'm sure you will love it as much as I did. Make sure you stock up on tissues though as this is a real tearjerker. Al and Sam pulled at my heart strings so much that I'm still thinking about them.

The Time Until is Casey Ford's debut novel and I have a feeling we haven't heard the last from him.

Andrea gives this a very worthy rating of...


About the Author: Casey Ford

I like to write and love just about anything romance [Except triangles, I hate triangles.... Oh! And Squares! They're the worst].

Anyway, I live with my wife and two kids in good ole U.S. of A. and I actually work full time as a Graphic Designer. I write to relieve stress and because I like to create stories.

The Time Until is my first book and it’s both a joy and a chore to write.


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