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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Everybody goes home....

As you can see Trial By Fire has a cover that certainly catches your attention and gives you an idea of what to expect. This story proves, you never judge a book by its cover. Another email sent to me by Amazon, alerting me to The FireFighters Of Station Five Series. A look at the book description and I was swayed and straight away downloaded the first book to my Kindle, I will say now that you may as well download all five books as I am now the owner of the other four in the series. A few parts of the book that caught my attention, "Uh, I'd like you to go down on me until I come so hard I shrivel like plastic wrap?" and "Six and a half feet of gorgeous male perfection filled the entire entrance. A black t-shirt stretched over his buff pecs and taut abs, but the denim jacket hid too darned much from view. Her appreciated gaze slid down mile-long legs encased in soft jeans that hugged hard thighs and cupped the bulge of his sex like a glove." Have I swayed you yet? Are you reaching for the download button?

A little about the story, Howard Paxton, a Lieutenant at Station Five but we can call him Six-Pack, adopted at the age of four after suffering a horrendous child hood, rescues Katherine Frances, we'll get to know her as Kat. We then follow them on the journey of their relationship, the ups and downs. A spate of murders begin and they are associated with Howard and when you find out how, you will also sit there with your mouth open wide and having to pick your jaw off of the floor, I did. We meet, somewhat briefly, the rest of the FireFighters of Station Five and you get to follow up more with them the further you go along in the series. I'm looking forward to Sean's story, which was touched upon briefly in Trial By Fire and I had to take a moment as this is one part of the story that gave me a lump in my throat and pulled at my heart strings.

The book, for me, was written as if you where following a real life FireFighter family, through their everyday moments, rescues, how they're affected by situations and how they deal with it. As written in the story itself, "Sometimes, no matter how strong you thought you were, the damage takes you out of the game."

This book is an amazing read and I am so pleased that I took the time to have a look and then made the choice to download Trail By Fire. Jo Davis is certainly an author that I will be watching out for and certainly without a doubt wouldn't hesitate to download any of her books again.

"A fearless teacher who has no problem running into a burning house with a garden hose, afraid of snakes. Go figure."

"Georgie's an optimist. I'm a realist, like Bentley. I take my blows as they come, deal with them, move on. I think all that 'Adversity makes you stronger' stuff is what people say to comfort themselves when the going gets rough. Friends and family can stand by you, lend support. But in the end, your inner core of strength pulls you through, period."

Sean stirred, moaned, lost in his private hell. "Nooo, don't go..... Daddy's sorry....."

"Rule number one in the Girl Code: hairless legs and pits at all times, ladies. You never know when you might land in the hospital. Or be swept into the strong arms of a six-foot-six hunk of smoldering, sexy man."

"A mountain of a gentle man who risked his life on a daily basis, could cook, was an excellent lover, and loved his family and kids. What more could a girl want?"

"It's easy to remain alone when you aim low. No strings, easy sex. Then when she leaves, your heart doesn't take a beating in the process. I have a huge learning curve with a long-term deal.... The idea scares me a little."

"Okay. Call if you so much as hear a flea fart."

Book One - Trial By Fire
Book Two - Under Fire
Book Three - Hidden Fire
Book Four - Line Of Fire
Book Five - Ride The Fire

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