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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tattoo Thief Review

22-year-old Beryl doesn't know why Gavin Slater trashed his penthouse, abandoned his dog and fled the country. But as his house sitter, she must pick up the pieces for the front man of the white-hot rock band Tattoo Thief.

When ultra-responsible Beryl confronts the reckless rock star, she wants to know more than just what to do with his mess. Why is he running? What’s he searching for? And is he responsible for the death of his muse?

New York newbie Beryl must find her footing in Gavin’s crazy world of the ultra-wealthy to discover her own direction and what can bring him back

Steamy, sassy and tender, Tattoo Thief is a story of breaking from a comfort zone to find a second chance.

**ARC, courtesy of author, Heidi Joy Tretheway, in exchange for honest review**

GOOD OREGON GIRL meets HOT, and a whole lot of messed up, panty-dropping ROCK STAR via e-mail!!

We first meet the Beryl, a smart, say what you think first (regret later) kinda girl, who decides to up root and take her dull mundane life into a new direction. Beryl jumps at the offer by her uncle Dan to work at his company which involves house sitting for the rich and famous. She then finds herself on her first job thinking what has she let herself in for!! Dan leads Beryl into a very large and very trashed penthouse owned by the lead singer of Tattoo Thief!!


We are introduced to Gavin who at first, to be honest, comes across as a bit rude and arrogant, but with a slight hint of dark and sexy. When he responds to an e-mail from Beryl with the update of his penthouse, we are then taken on a story of finding yourself, forgiving yourself, moving on and trusting someone enough to fall in love again!! *sigh*

I loved the way Gavin replies to Beryl's first e-mail thinking she is a man, as she types her name B.Sutton, but then when Gavin finds out she is a woman this is when the relationship turns from professional to leading them both on a journey that will change their lives forever.

This was a really different read for me, as this love story opens up through e-mail, then leading on to live chats. I found myself laughing at the banter and quick witted convo's between Beryl and Gavin, while I was cringing when Beryl said things off the cuff before thinking how much it would offend or upset him. I also found myself *blushing* at the steamier e-mails and swooning and crying at the rest.

Last but not least who could not forget Stella, Beryl's feisty, sexy and saucy BFF!! At times I found myself shouting at my kindle as she always seemed to mess things up for Beryl, she came across as selfish and always thinking about herself before putting others first (which was most of the time) but by the end redeemed herself. I'm so looking forward to Stella's story in Tyler & Stella (Tattoo Thief  #2)  as I loved her character and want to get to know her story more, oh and Tyler of course, gotta have my sexy, hot rock star fix!!

Just a few of my favourite quotes!!

"Then as much as you are mine, I am yours, plus a million. I've trusted you with my home and my dog and my secrets and my shame, and now I want to trust you with my life and my love."

"Is what we have so fragile that you can't trust this? You were the one who brought me back from the edge. You. I trusted you with my story. I put my heart in your hands."

"Thank you. For being my anchor. And for letting my fly."

Very worthy of 4 stars!!

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