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Saturday, 15 June 2013

No Strings Attached Blog Tour & interview!!

Welcome to our Blog Tour of  No Strings Attached & also an exciting interview with the awesome Author Nicolette Day

Title: No Strings Attached
Author: Nicolette Day
Release Date: June 15th,  2013

Book Synopsis

She wants one night. He wants her forever. Hayden Summers just landed the job of a lifetime taking pictures for Time magazine, but she’s determined to leave with no regrets. The first thing on her list? Erase the memory of her cheating ex with a wild night of anonymous sex. The second? Figure out why her best friend, sexy bar owner Jace Jennings, stopped speaking to her the night she told him about the job. Jace has a problem. Hayden isn’t just leaving the country, she’s risking her life—just when he’s realized he’s in love with her. When fate traps them in the storage room of his bar together, barely contained desire simmers to surface. In one last attempt to keep her, Jace offers Hayden the one thing she wants: a night of hot sex, no strings attached. But when the night is over, will Jace be able to let her go? And will Hayden leave with her heart intact

My Review

This is the first book I have read from Nicolette Day, and I can tell you now it certainly will not be the last... I absolutely loved it!! My only complaint is that it was too short and would loved to have got to know the main characters in more depth! Maybe another * hint, hint, winks*.

This very sweet, heart swooning, sexy novella really leaves you sighing and while hugging your kindle! or maybe that was just me *blushes*
This book starts with Hayden and her assistant having a last drunken, no strings attached night out, as Hayden is about to leave town on a work trip. Hayden is planning on having a one off sexual encounter with a Stranger before she goes, she feels let down and just wants some fun especially after hearing her ex boyfriend is getting married to one of her relatives.
In walks Jace!! *fanning myself* Jace is Hayden's best friend and just happens to be super HOT!! This is one steamy, hot love story of two best friends turning into lovers.
Jace is desperate to tell or show Hayden how he really feels and knows his time is short knowing, she will be gone in the morning!!
Jace's luck turns for the better when he and Hayden get locked in the cellar of the bar they are in, and oh my things end up getting damn hot and steamy!! (you may need to step out side to cool yourself down after) I certainly did!!
This book I could not put down till I finished and I totally recommend to anyone who wants a short read which is well written with lots of hot passion.

"Do you want me Hayden?)"
"Yes," she said with baited breath. "I want you"
"Then we are done talking"

Nicolette Day on Inspiration 

MakeMyDayBooks: What inspired you to be a writer?
Nicolette Day: When I was a kid we moved. A lot. My household wasn’t always the most stable place. I was the oldest of four kids, so I was expected to be the responsible one. The one thing that always gave an escape was reading. If I had to guess, I’d say that is exactly why I latched onto books at such an early age. They gave me an out. They made me smile and laugh and feel warm and gooey inside. I remember thinking, I want to do this. I want to put words together in such a way that it can make someone smile even when everything around them is falling apart. As I got older I realized that there were real people behind the books I loved. Shel Silverstein, Judy Bloom, R.L. Stine and J.R. Tolkien weren’t magical wizards in a land far, far away. Well, maybe J.R. Tolkien. I think he definitely had a little magic running through his veins.  They were just people who wrote. They wrote because it was their passion and they wrote to make a living. When I realized that this was an actual job I could have there was never another option for me. In the back of my mind, I always knew whatever job I had at the moment was a means to an end. Because the words I wrote day after day, weren’t just for me. I wanted to share them. I wanted them to make people laugh and cry and give them an escape from the everyday. The thing is my books aren’t just an escape for my readers. They’re an escape for me as well. The process of creating world and getting lost between the pages. Getting to know each character and what makes them tick. It’s like living a dream. If you ask me I’m one of the lucky ones. I found something I love, and I got to make it my job. It’s a dream. It’s an escape. It’s my reality. And I love it.

Makemydaybooks: Tell us your inspiration for characters and story Ideas?
Nicolette: I am a firm believer in feeding your brain. People always ask me the question where do you get your ideas for the stories you write? For me, the answer to that is everywhere. I read. I read often and I read everything I can get my hands on. I watch the news and documentaries. I love movies. I go out into the world and soak in my surroundings. I pour music into my ears every chance I get.  When you constantly feed your brain, the ideas flow seamlessly.  At least for me they do. For the Kissed by Death series, it all started with an Edgar Allen Poe quote.

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?   Edgar Allan Poe
The idea for Finn’s character in Inbetween and the spark for the reincarnation aspect of the book came from a documentary I watched on a small child whose parents believed he was a reincarnated World War Two fighter pilot. I got the idea for my book Perigee Moon from a documentary on the Salem Witch Trials.

And then I have stories like No Strings Attached that hit me out of nowhere. That story started with Jace and Hayden. They were in my head for months before I built their world around them.

So, if you are running dry on ideas, just feed your brain. Read a book that’s out of your comfort zone. Go for a walk. Engage in conversation with someone you’ve never met. You never know what story you might dream up.

About Nicolette:

A mom by day and a romance writer by night, Nicolette Day harbors a weakness for black and white mochas and books that steam up her Kindle screen. She grew up in a one-stoplight town in Oklahoma where, once upon a time, she only dreamed of becoming a writer.
Nicolette now lives with her family in North Carolina in a town that has at least three stoplights. If you love young adult romance, check out Nicolette’s alter ego, Tara Fuller!

Connect with Nicolette here:

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