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Saturday, 25 May 2013

My Alien Self review

If I told you I'd been to twenty-four countries (twenty-one by the time I was twenty-two), that I'd worked in Japan for nine months, toured Australia for six months, enjoyed seven months in Thailand and met and campaigned for the Orangutan in Borneo, you might think that I was pretty lucky.
If I told you I worked in the hotel industry, for a sexual health department in a hospital and with prisoners, that I'd worked as a recruitment consultant, in so many office jobs I've lost count, as well as having my own company and multiple websites, at age thirty-six, then you might think I've had an interesting life.
But if I added to the mix child rape, mental health problems, promiscuity, drug taking, alcohol abuse, eating disorders, self harm, violence, mood swings, obsession, jealousy, loss of self worth, being raised by a mentally ill mother, bankruptcy, thyroid and gastro problems and public masturbation in school at the age of nine, then I am not sure what you'd think.
But this is me; Amanda Green. This is my life, my story; my journey back to me from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and Borderline Personality Disorder-mental illness which manifested during my life and came out 'to its peak' in my thirties.
I was able to use my collection of mementos, photos, diaries, journals, letters, emails and text messages of my past to finally see who I had become that alien self and how I found the real me.

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I downloaded this book to read, as I have family members who are suffering with Mental Illness and have also worked in the mental health sector and was intrigued to read about someone who not only for many years suffered with this illness, but actually wrote a book about her life and what she went through to overcome it.
This story is a must read for people who have suffered mental illness or have a friend or family member going through this, or even if its just to understand and help with the stigma attached to mental illness, or just want a really great read.
I could not put this book down, I admire Amanda for her honesty to her illness and am amazed by what she achieved in her life with her jobs and her traveling to numerous countries while suffering from BPD, anxiety and OCD.
What an amazing journey I was taken on through Amanda Green's life! It's moving, exciting, sad, funny, endearing and inspiring. Even if mental illness has not touched you or others in your life this is a brilliant read, and maybe it will just make you help or just understand someone who is going through this illness

Up and Coming Sequel '39'


After recovering from mental illness and many other adversities, Amanda Green published her true story('My Alien Self: My Journey Back to Me'). This is a journey of her life during the year following publication. Dysfunctional and ever more inspiring, this memoir will take you into a whirlwind of love, humour, emotion, depression, adventures, music, animals and relationships, as she strives to stay strong and achieve a life really worth living as a childless women before her fast approaching 40th birthday. Due to flashbacks of dark scenes and sexual abuse, this memoir is for Adults only and although it's a sequel, it can easily be read as a standalone.    


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