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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Take a Chance on the Artist and the Popstar.

Martha's been living like a hermit for years. She's happy that way. She's safer that way. Danny's been behaving like a prat for years. He's happy that way but more than anyone else, Martha knows that he's not safe.
She has a plan to rescue him but who really needs saved?

Martha's content to spend her days painting commissions for wealthy customers she hopes never to meet. Her only contact with the outside world is through her financially-driven agent, Paul. He knows that Martha is his ticket to the big-time and she knows that he is the key to her solitude.
Danny is the one-time king of the big-time. An ageing pop princeling, he's partied too hard for too long and has now become a social pariah. The only person who really has his interests at heart is Rowan, his stressed-out PA. She's tried everything to make him see sense. Everything that is, apart from a dose of Martha's Medicine.

I decided to check this book out after the author followed me on twitter. I liked what I saw, bought it and I'm glad I did. I needed something completely different to all the bad boy/HEA/Fifty Shades type books I've been reading lately and Martha's Medicine certainly ticks all those boxes, there are very little swear words and no sex/love scenes at all. At this point some of you may stop and think "oh, too tame for me" but PLEASE take a chance and read this book, you won't be disappointed. A lovely, funny and witty tale of finding friends and one's self in the unlikeliest of places, definitely worthy of a re-read.
The author has a style of writing that made me feel like I was watching a movie, Richard Curtis-style, rather than reading her debut novel. (Please, please make this into a movie!) I could actually visualize Martha's house, see her walking over the Scottish heather covered hills with Patrick the pheasant following her - who knew a pheasant could stir up that much emotion in me?! I loved the chemistry and banter between the main characters, Martha and Danny and felt like I actually knew them. I found myself chuckling to myself practically all the way through and cheering at the small, but major, achievements won by them both, although I did shout out loud at my kindle a few times and cry! The ending was a bit surprising, not what I expected, does this mean there could be a second book? Maybe, maybe not not I don't know, but I do know I can't wait to read more from C C McMillan.

Why did more people not realise that sometimes solitude and liking yourself was the real antidote to life's problems?

Not everyone needs to get something for themselves from everything they do.

It was one of those clear spring days when every breath coming in through your nostrils felt like toothpaste in your lungs.

You could be blissfully happy and a heck of a lot more content on your own. Look at Cliff Richard.

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